Hi, I'm Erin. 

I started my journey helping women heal their abusive relationship with food and their body into a love story.

Now, I help people with all sorts of things- building their businesses, finding love, creating wealth, gaining confidence and more. Most of our issues stem from the same place anyways, right? At some point we started to believe that we weren’t good enough or not capable of having the love, freedom, (fill in the blank) that we desire.

I’m passionate about helping my clients change their limiting beliefs so that they can step into their beautiful, radiant path, know their worth and shine.

I understand that the path to healing can feel lonely and sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything. I’ve been in those shoes, and I know how discouraging it can be. My hope that you never give up because you were put on the planet for a reason and I’m here to guide you towards your unique gifts.

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About Me

I live in beautiful California where I work (ok…more like play) as a life coach, yoga instructor and massage therapist. I LOVE what I do. This path was no accident: my body and I have been on a journey, and after having autoimmune disorders, chronic stomach aches starting at age 6, hypothyroidism, bulimia and anorexia, food addictions, emotional eating issues, and more, I’ve learned that my body is the vessel for my intuition to speak to me. When I don’t listen, the message gets louder and manifests in the form of binge eating, or illness (something that will get my attention!). Now, after working with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years, I use this gift of my intuition to help others unveil the messages their body is sending them so they can heal. I want you to feel the perfection of your own beautiful body, and experience true joy in every area of your life.


12 Fun Facts About Me

  1. Before discovering my dream career I was an accountant- crazy, huh

  2. I was stung by a scorpion when I was volunteering in the jungle of Costa Rica.

  3. My happy place is running barefoot on the beach.

  4. I graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in English and Art History

  5. I lived in India for about a year, and during that time I studied yoga, heard the Dalai Lama speak and drove on a motorcycle over one of the tallest driveable mountain passes in the world.

  6. For many years I struggled with an eating disorder, and it ultimately lead me onto my path today. We each have a story of challenge that can be turned into our greatest gift.

  7. My guilty pleasures are dark chocolate and nachos.

  8. By the age of 26 I filled up my passport COMPLETELY. In a 6 month span, I traveled to 13 countries!

  9. One of the best decisions I ever made was to become a massage therapist. Massage taught me that I ABSOLUTELY love helping people feel better, and that the body is ALWAYS speaking to us. We have all of the answers we need, if we can just listen to that inner voice. My business evolved as I learned this and I now love helping people in body, mind AND spirit.

  10. Some of my other travels include working on an island in Mexico as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, working as nanny in France (I ended both early because I was homesick), studying abroad in Italy, playing in Thailand, surfing in Bali and Sri Lanka and backpacking through Europe.

  11. My family and friends mean the world to me. I visit my family in Ohio as often as I can!

  12. I went to life coaching school in San Francisco, where I lived for a year and a half. Frickin’ love that city!

My professional bio

Erin has worked with clients across the country, including work with Facebook, Craigslist, Northface, Kaiser Permante, the YMCA, Yoga Across America, Experience Columbus, Sonos, and Wellness FX. She helps people achieve health in body, mind and spirit through her intuitive yoga classes, massage therapy sessions and coaching. She now helps men and women attract clients and create a career they love through group classes and one on one coaching.